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How to get started:

Get Social is a browser extension which is integrated into Chrome to provide users access your social media accounts in one place. The new tab extension is easy to use and user-friendly and once the it is added to Chrome, users need to login to their accounts as per the Terms stated by the respective apps to stay connected and chat away! To browse the internet, add text in the search box. Note: This extension does not store or share any personal information, financial details, or authentication permissions.


Safe and secure access to WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and more

Customized web search powered by

Ease of navigation between apps

Completely free to use


It needs permission to allow a new tab to display the Get Social extension with the features including access to messenger apps and customised search. This extension does NOT ask for your login or password.

By clicking "Install Extension Now", I accept and agree to install the "Get Social" extension and hereby agree to set Chrome New Tab to that provided by the service and the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


The search engine on the new tab will change to once downloaded.

We have updated our Privacy Policy.

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