Advertising Week New York 2016, Day 3 Highlights – We Met Mark Cuban!


Mediastinct™ Co-Founder Samron Jude and Director Mariel Fonseca Killing It on Day 3 #AWNewYork

Advertising Week 2016 has been a rollercoaster for us so far! With world class sessions on digital advertising and inputs by industry leaders, its been a great experience. Not to mention the immense joy of networking with such talented and like minded individuals, we look forward to  what Day 4 has to offer.

With over 60 sessions happening at Advertising Week New York Day 3, these ones stood out for us;

Thrive with Arianna Huffington


(L)Mediastinct™ Co-Founder Samron Jude at AWNewyork 2016 (R)Session: Thrive with Arianna Huffington at Advertising Week New York 2016, Day 3

The highlight of the day was this insightful session on Productivity at the work place with inputs by Arianna Huffington, Co-founder of The Huffington Post and CEO of Thrive Global and Entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

The discussion opened with Mark Cuban sharing his views on the First US Presidential debate, that happened earlier this week on Monday September 26, with Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington, who recently stepped away from The Huffington Post to launch her wellness startup, Thrive Global, sought wisdom from billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban and the two chatted away on a wide ranging topics on-stage.

Mark discussed what he’s learned from his mistakes and his successes as an entrepreneur and moved on to sharing his personal insights on boosting productivity. He spoke on how  important it is for every businessman to get the right amount of sleep and exercise to function effectively and shared his secret to success – his daily schedule.


(L) Arianna Huffignton & Mark Cuban on-stage, (R) Mark cuban with Mediastinct™ Director Mariel Fonseca & co-founder Samron Jude

Mark Cuban also shared his experience as an investor in various companies and startups inlcuding his latest venture with Catapult, Genestesis. You can check out them out and a few other companies, invested in, by cuban on his site –

Here are a few business tips shared by Mark Cuban on-stage at Advertising Week New York;

1. Embrace your flaws, you can’t be perfect all the time, because nobody is.

“Perfection is the enemy of possibility and success. You need to find people who complement your skill set and not aim for perfection all the times.” Mark Cuban on building a business

2. Value your time.

Cuban confessed that he is not a fan of big conference room meetings and would rather prefer to get things done over a mail thread.

3. Don’t let failure stop you.

He spoke about his experiences early on in his career when he got fired from one of his first jobs. But that didn’t stop him, and it motivated him to start his first company.

Other speakers on the panel included;

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture 

Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer, Hearst 

Carolyn Everson, VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook 

Bethenny Frankel, CEO & Founder, Skinnygirl 

Lori Lee, Senior Executive VP & Global Marketing Officer, AT&T

The next session that we really enjoyed was the one sponsored by Bing, Microsoft;

A Dispatch from the Future of Search


Session on A Dispatch from the Future of Search with Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin and Bonnie McCracken

In this session by Ryan Gavin, GM, Search and Cortana Marketing, Microsoft and Bonnie McCracken, Group Product Marketing Manager, Bing, Microsoft, the two shared Microsoft’s vision of the future of digital evolution and how search engines play a crucial role in it.  They spoke about why these developments and innovations are so critical to the success of every marketing campaign.

With just a few hours to go before things wrap up at the 13th edition of Advertising week New York 2016, we’re looking forward to networking with like minded professionals and exploring new business opportunities with you through our digital ad network Mediastinct™ and content marketplace

Just give us a holler at or and catch up with us tonight.

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