Advertising Week New York Day 2: Sheryl Sandberg & Drew Barrymore Stole All the Attention!


Digital Ad Network Mediastinct™’s Key Take-Aways From Sessions on Day 2 of #AWNewYork 2016

Drew Barrymore and Sheryl Sandburg @ Advertising Week NYC 2016 Day 2

(L) Drew Barrymore and (R) Sheryl Sandberg @ Advertising Week NYC 2016 Day 2

We had yet another eventful day at the 13th edition of Advertising Week New York 2016. With over 68 sessions and networking events yesterday, Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook and Drew Barrymore, Actress & Founder of Flower Beauty stole all the attention with their personal insights and innovative ideas on digital advertising.

Leadership in a Mobile World – A Conversation with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, GM’s Mary Barra, and P&G’s Marc Pritchard

Sheryl Sandburg from Facebook at Advertising Week NYC day 2

‘Leadership in a Mobile World’ Panel from left to right – Mike Isaac, Reporter New York Times, sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook, Marc Pritchard, chief Brand Officer P&G, Mary Barra, Chairman & CEO, General Motors Company

We started our day with this insightful session on how mobile has transformed the way businesses connect with customers. Here are a few key take-ways from Sheryl Sandberg’s talk, as highlighted by Mariel Fonseca, Director, Mediastinct™;

1. Sheryl Sandberg on Target Audience –

She emphasized on targeting a large relevant audience by first segmenting them into different groups, and then targeting them with different creatives and videos that are contextually relevant to that group. It’s important to create videos and ads that are not only get the message across, but also influence the consumer to alter their habits or thoughts that surround your product.

2. Sheryl Sandberg on being successful on mobile –

Sandberg spoke on leveraging video ads for targeting users on mobile. Since the default audio setting of a video shared on social media, when viewed on mobile, is off, its important to ensure that the ad still gets the message across. This can be done by creating an interesting introduction to our ad and keeping the video short and interesting.

3. Sheryl also shared P&G’s Laundry Detergent line, Ariel’s ad campaign in India – #sharethoad, emphasizing that big brands need to support a cause and focus on specific target groups to not only get their message out, but also bring about change in society.

Other speakers on the panel included Mike Isaac, Reporter, The New York Times.

Building a Brand in a Mobile-First World

Drew Barrymore on Flower Beauty at Advertising Week Day 2

Left to Right: Harry Kargman, CEO of Kargo , Drew Barrymore, Actress and founder of Flower Beauty and moderator Arie Kopelman, Vice Chairman, Chanel

This session on leveraging the increased interaction of consumers with their mobile phones featured Drew Barrymore, Actress and founder of Flower BeautyHarry Kargman, CEO of Kargo and was moderated by Arie L. Kopelman, Vice Chairman, Chanel.

While Harry Kargman provided deep insights into how great creatives are the key to capturing the attention of fast-scrolling consumers on mobile, Drew Barrymore spoke about her experience on building a brand.

“You have to put in hard work on weeknights and weekends if you want the brand to work. If other people with different ideas get in then it’s not you anymore. You need to feed off and exchange ideas with inspirational people.” – Drew Barrymore, on on building a brand

The cherry on the cake for us was attending the closing day (Day 2) of the IAB Mixx Conference 2016 and the closing cocktail hour, that gave us the opportunity to interact with other agency leaders and brand marketers. 

IAB Mixx Conference Day 2 @ #AWNewYork 2016

Samron Jude, Co-Founder, Mediastinct™ and Mariel Fonseca, Director Mediastinct™ at advertising Week NYC 2016 Day 2

Samron Jude, Co-Founder, Mediastinct™ and Mariel Fonseca, Director Mediastinct™ at advertising Week NYC 2016 Day 2

The IAB Mixx Conference 2016 is the annual kickoff event of Advertising Week and we had the opportunity to interact with scores of innovative companies in the digital advertising space.

Lauren Wiener, President, Buyer Platforms, Tremor Video and Chair, IAB Board of Directors, opened the event on Day 2. Several other industry leaders presided over the panel. Here are a few highlights from the event last night;

1. Jimmy Maymann, Executive Vice President and President, Content & Consumer Brands, AOL was interviewed by Betty Liu, Anchor, Bloomberg Television and CEO, Radiate, on the new creative equation for effective brand experiences combining content, data, and technology. And how AOL continues to scale its content and ads business, it is committed to global growth.

2. Next, Sarah Frier, Tech Reporter, Bloomberg, sat down with Adam Bain, Chief Operating Officer, Twitter, for a fireside chat on the value and power of live video and the advertising potential it holds.

3. Andrew Bosworth, Vice President, Ads & Business Platform, Facebook spoke on how Facebook is committed to taking risks in a customer-centric, mobile-first world. He urged brands to be ready and willing to be different and innovative in their space.

4. Steve King, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Media discussed how agencies and brands can re-establishing consumers’ trust by leveraging technology across the consumer journey, and delivering world class experiences.

5. Meredith Kopit Levien, Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, New York Times Company and Sebastian Tomich, Senior Vice President of Advertising & Innovation of The New York Times Company, wrapped up the event by sharing how digital innovation will evolve over the next five years and how it can be leveraged to achieve disruption across the media. 

We are looking forward to networking with like minded executives and you (yes you!) today! So why don’t you leave us your contact details below or simply reach out to Samron Jude, Co-Founder, Mediastinct™ at or Mariel Fonseca, Director, Mediastinct™ at and set up a quick meeting at one of the venues.

Meanwhile, here’s an event that we totally have to ask you to attend today and look forward to;

Sexism In Advertising and What Brands Should Do

Wednesday, 28 September, 3:30pm @ Thomson Reuters Stage

One of the most popular topics at Advertising Week NYC 2016 is diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on women in the advertising industry.

This talk with Madonna Badger,CCO/Founder, Badger & Winters who launched the #WomenNotObjects campaign earlier this year, is sure to be powerful and insightful. Other speakers at the panel include Nancy Hill, President & CEO, 4A’s and Ronald NgCCO North America, DigitasLBi.

Stay tuned for Latest Updates on Mediastinct™ at #AWNewYork 2016 – 





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