Advertising Week New York 2016, Day 1: Studying Analytics Is The Key!


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advertising week new york day 1 event

Panel of Debate on Programmatic Evolution: (from left to right) Betty Liu- Anchor & Founder, Bloomberg Television, Tim Cadogan- CEO, OpenX, Eric Franchi- Cofounder, Undertone, Scott Howe- President & CEO, Acxiom, Gregory R. Raifman- President, Rubicon, Mark Zagorski- EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud

The much awaited Advertising Week 2016 has begun in New York and here are a few exclusive Mediastinct™ insights and takeaways on the sessions held yesterday. As Advertising Week turns 13 this year, we look forward to basking in the energetic and contagious vibe at #AWNewYork 2016 over the next few days!

Inside the shark Tank


(L) Daymond John in conversation with Eric on being a successful entrepreneur, (R) Mediastinct™ Co-Founder Samron Jude and Director Mariel Fonseca with Daymond John

This insightful session was held at Nasdaq Marketsite. Eric Hippeau, Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau Ventures joined Branding Moghul and FUBU Founder, Daymond John from Shark Tank in a conversation on what it takes to be an successful entrepreneur.

Mediastinct™ Co-Founder Samron Jude and Director, Mariel Fonseca attended the session and even grabbed a chance to click a quick selfie with Daymond!

Here are a few take aways from John Daymond’s talk, for companies seeking investments –

Timing is everything” – Daymond John at #AWNewYork

1. Raising the first round of funding is the most crucial phase for an entrepreneur and his startup. A investor always wants to put his money on the right people, right approach and right product. So from an investor’s perspective the way the founders respond to the first round of investment is extremely crucial.

2. You need to know your product inside-out to make it truly DISRUPTIVE. Running a startup is not easy, you need to find that one thing that truly makes your product stand out and solves a real problem. Only then can you accelerate growth.

3. Its always important to be clear on your deliverables and focus on engaging and organic following, not just a paid one. The easiest way to achieve this? Always monitor your analytics.

4. If you can’t get an organic interest from the people, its a clear indicator of – something’s wrong!

“When it is time to target,  you make sure its converting and you are not wasting money”, Daymond John

Watch Daymond John at the session at Advertising Week Day 1

Moving on to the next session, Branded Content Is King: Commanding An Audience Through Data-Driven Storytelling

Presented in collaboration with Financial Times, the session explored the rise and success of branded content, where data and audience insight meet journalistic instincts. It revolved around how content marketing has become a compelling advertising tool to attract and engage your audience in relevant ways, changing the shape of digital marketing. The panel of speakers included;

Ravi Mattu, Editorial Chief of Financial Times

Kaydee Bridges, VP Digital & Social Media, Goldman Sachs

Natalie Mortimer, Reporter at Drum

Trixie Ferguson Grey, Senior Partner Branded and Content Experiences, MediaCom

Mark Egan, Chief Client Officer, Maxus

Being in the digital advertising and content acquisition space with, we left this session with a sense of latest practices in Branded Content. Here are a few takeaways highlighted by Mediastinct™ Director, Mariel Fonseca;

Leveraging branded content for content marketing has become crucial to digital advertising because of its sheer potential to engage and interact with the right audience in the most relevant way possible. The key is to segment your target audience into the  smallest interest groups and hit them with contextually-relevant content.

As digital marketers, it’s necessary to understand the consumer and target them accordingly, taking the efforts made by competitors into consideration. Always stay a step ahead!

The key to understanding your audience is analytics – always study your analytics and social media stats. Social media is one of the most underutilized tools in terms of relevant and contextual targeting, given its potential, we have still have loads to do!


(L) Debate Panel of Session- Programmatic Evolution, (R) Panel of Session on Branded Content Is King: Commanding An Audience Through Data-Driven Storytelling

The Next Highlight of The Day Was a Session on Programmatic Evolution, Held at Times Center stage

The 90 mins long session/debate had a panel of unique successful individuals who offered real perspective on the balance of the tech-driven ecosystem with the timeless value of great creative, big ideas, having a real game plan and quality vs. quantity. The panel of speakers included;

Betty Liu Anchor & Founder, Bloomberg Television & Radiate, Inc.

Tim Cadogan CEO, OpenX

Eric Franchi Cofounder, Undertone

Scott Howe President & CEO, Acxiom

Gregory R. Raifman President, Rubicon Project

Mark Zagorski EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud

The industry heavyweights shared their vision on whether programmatic has delivered on its promise and potential. The consensus? There’s way more to come, with targeting, attribution, and creative key focus. Here are few highlights from the discussion;

The industry is coming into a time when it needs to think as much as it does about technology about creative, according to Gregory Raifman, president, Rubicon.

Gregory Raifman recalled a time when there were poorly targeted ads. “Now people are frustrated that targeting is too good. We’re overtargeting, and now there’s ad blocking. We must figure out how to create a better environment to engage consumers in a more relevant way.”

“We have to help publishers, marketers, and the consumers reconstruct their relationships. Ad blocking is a fraying of the relationship.” – Tim Cadogan, CEO, OpenX

“We’re coming out of the impressions and clicks era. Viewability is getting there. We’re fans of engagement—what did people do after seeing an ad?  We like the idea of moving to the idea of attention as a metric,” – Eric Franchi Cofounder, Undertone

Overall, the debate concluded with a mutual consensus on the fact that new ad formats need to be introduced and explores over the the next 1 to 5 years for programmatic to grow. This growth needs to be supported by constant measurement and monitoring of the engagement.

Advertising Week New York has always been special for us and we look forward to the exceptional sessions lined up today. If you are a direct advertiser looking for brand coverage or wish to explore business opportunities with us, please reach out to Co-Founder Samron Jude at or Mediastinct™ Director Mariel Fonseca at and meet up with them today! 

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